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Electrolyte salts

No prohibited substance was used during the manufacture of the product and that the tracking of the presence of possible doping contaminants was carried out by the Laboratory of the Horse-races (LCH).

APPLE ELITE ELECTROLYTE provides additional electrolyte salts that may be lost by dehydration. APPLE ELITE ELECTROLYTE stimulates horses to drink, which helps avoid dehydration and helps maintain hard working muscles in top condition

Feeding guide :

Enclosed scoop holds 37 g
Horses in training : 2 scoops daily mix with feed
Horses, which are supplemented, should have free access to fresh drinking water

Composition :

Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, calcium lactate, potassium sulfate, artificial apple flavor, artificial color

Typical analysis per kilo :

Calcium             0,25 %
Sodium                68 %
Potassium            11 %
Magnesium         0,40 %

Packaging :

2,27 Kg
9 Kg

Precautions :

Formulated for horses
Reseal after use - Store in a cool dry place