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Elastic cohesive band multi-uses

CAUTION. This product contains natural latex which can cause an allergic reaction.


  • Fixation bandage (for surgery)
  • Compression bandage (in traumatology)
  • Exercise bandages
  • Tail bandage (service, birth)


FLEX'ON offers all the advantages of compression and fixation bandages

  • Cohesive, it adheres to itself, without sticking to skin or hair
  • Robust, it allows the realization of solid bandages that the animal cannot remove
  • Quick and easy to apply. Easy start thank's to markings on the beginning of the band
  • Elastic, it adapts perfectly to the morphology of the bandaged area and the tension applied is regular and permanent. Perfect holding position. Does not slacken
  • Hydrophobic, porous, antiallergenic
  • Removes easily
  • Tears vertically, manually and neatly

Apply cohesive band FLEX'ON with roughly 50 % of streching. Do not apply with too much tension so as not to impede blood circulation. To attach binding, apply the last 15 cm without stretching : strongly press to ensure a good cohesion. Band FLEX'ON must be removed and changed the every day. Do not apply to an open wound.

Presentation :

Box of 18 bands (10 cm x 4,50 m streched)
Box of 24 bands (7,5 cm x 4,50 m streched)
Box of 36 bands (5 cm x 4,50 streched)
Under individual package

Colours and sizes available :
10 cm : Black, white, blue, green dark, purple, green lemon-yellow
7,5 cm : Black, blue, red
5 cm : Black, blue, red

Precautions for use :

Formulated for horses
To preserve in a dry place