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Well-being and vitality in older horses

Older horses need to be given feed supplements which are adapted to ageing and help prevent a certain number of organ dysfunctions. EQUISPORT Senior helps optimise vitality in older horses and delay the effects of ageing. EQUISPORT Senior compensates for nutritional imbalances in diet and provides the specific elements in order to ensure :
- Vitality and general good health
- Suppleness in the joints
- Smooth functioning of the vital organs
Vitality and general good health : spirulina is a rich alga and an excellent source of protein. It also provides essential fatty acids and reinforces the working of the immune system.
Fenugreek is used to improve the taste of feed, improve form, increase muscle mass and encourages rapid weight gain in horses which have lost their form or their appetite.
Digestive organs : EQUISPORT Senior contains a large quantity of yeasts to reinforce the beneficial intestinal flora and improve the digestion of nutrients.
Locomotion : Harpagophytum, willow bark and meadowsweet are well-known for their soothing effect on the joints.
Kidney and liver function : artichoke, goldenrod, milk thistle and dandelion are used for their draining and detoxifying effects on both the kidneys and the liver.
Nervous system : vitamins B1 and B6 and chasteberry are used to limit cell degeneration.
Cardio-vascular system : gingko biloba and bilberry leaf stimulate micro-circulation and help rest the cardiac muscle.
Anti-oxydant activity : vitamin E, selenium and cinnamon help prevent muscle wasting and reinforce the immune system.

Feeding use :

25 g measure supplied.
Give 50 g (the equivalent of 2 measures) per day for 30 days. Repeat regularly

Presentation :

1,5 Kg tub

Precautions for use :

The product has been formulated only for equine use.
Secure cap well after use. Store out of the light.