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SUPER MASK FOAL without Ears

Horse fly mask

No prohibited substance was used during the manufacture of the product and that the tracking of the presence of possible doping contaminants was carried out by the Laboratory of the Horse-races (LCH).

Combines function with fashion like no other fly mask ! Stays on your horse with the double-latch closure stablemates can't rip off ! It fastens twice for double security. Keeps flies, dust, dirt and debris away from your horse's eyes. Protects your horse's eyes and face from harmful UV rays and it aids healing after eye injuries. The see-trough mesh does not obstruct vision. Plush, flyproof trim keeps files out, providing maximum comfort without rubbing or harsh abrasion.

Directions for use :

Start with throat latch open. Grasp top of mask at ear and forelock opening (for mask with ears, grasp fur at top of mask nearest ears) and gently pull down over horse's ears. Reach under horse's neck and bring the right side of the throat latch over to meet the left side of the closure. The left side of the closure then folds back over to secure closure of the throat latch. Attach snugly, then check for comfort and safety. Adjust if necessary. Remove mask nightly and check horse's face and eye condition. Rinse mask weekly.

Packaging :

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