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Liniment for muscles and tendons

No prohibited substance was used during the manufacture of the product and that the tracking of the presence of possible doping contaminants was carried out by the Laboratory of the Horse-races (LCH).

Liniment for temporary relief of muscular soreness, stiffness or swelling, caused by exposure, overwork or exertion. The natural extracts in the product will increase the circulation to the application area. THERMAFLEX helps reduce swelling and aids in pain relief.


A cool rush of menthol followed by soothing, deep penetrating heat stimulating circulation for longer-lasting heat therapy
Contains MSM
Available in gel or liquid

Directions for use :

Apply liniment sufficient to cover the affected area and gently massage liniment into the application area. Do not wrap if applied vigorously. The natural extracts and oils in this product do not require wrapping.

Composition :

Menthol 4 %, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), plant extracts of calendula and rosemary, oil of cajuput (melaleuca leucadendron), alcohol, water, preservatives

Packaging :

Gel formula : 354 ml bottle